Heavy bleeding, large clots suddenly started and stopped.?


Nikki Guns Asked: Heavy bleeding, large clots suddenly started and stopped.?

I started bleeding suddenly yesterday with no warning, i.e. cramps, bloating, etc. I soaked through 4 tampons in less than 5 minutes. Clots, some almost the size of golf balls.
Within a hour it was done, it's like someone just turned on a water faucet then turned it off. Any idea why this happened?

Here's some info about me that might help decisions:
27 years old
No possibility of being pregnant or miscarriage
Slightly overweight but far from obese.

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Alana Cicchi Answered:
Did you have a continued period after it stopped? Or did the issue just start and stop and then nothing else? Because really heavy periods can happen like that and I have had clots. I have had a period forever and enver even get cramps, and then one day suddenly have all that stuff.

Kesob Answered:

nuna Answered:
Put mustard in it, it helps with pain.

Thomas S Answered:
Yeah , pure aloe extract or have your friend take vitamin-EGels 500mg puncture them and let them
drip onto the skin , there will be no pain and it will help the skin heal faster .

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